Summer Ball 2017

Royal Holloway Students’ Union’s Summer Ball is one of the highlight events of the year, hosting 3500 attendees in the quads of Founder’s Building.

In 2017, an issue with our lanyard supplier meant that we were unable to get delivery in time for the event. With only a few hours to make a decision on what we were going to go for, and having already ordered all 3500 A7 programmes and 10,500 vouchers, a very quick answer was needed. I decided on a customised envelop that would easily fit the programmes as well as the three vouchers.

Feedback was positive and with the money saved on lanyards we were able to opt for a foil print on the programmes. In hindsight, it would have been nicer to get a little more of the foil and really make the most of it, but I was still very happy with the outcome.

Programme and envelope